Ozenne Photo Album Index



Christmas in Utah
The boys visit Santa, and we have lots of visitors for a Christmas with snow! 1/6/07

Miles of Smiles
Now two months old, Luke is smiling all the time. We're having so much fun! 12/4/06.

Loads of Halloween fun, just in time for Thanksgiving. 11/22/06.

Hello Luke!
Luke joins the family, and Emmett becomes a big brother! 10/21/06.

Summer 2006
Emmett enjoys lots of water play, gets more ring bearer experience at his cousin Kerri's wedding, and visits old friends. 9/8/06.

Springtime Fun
Emmett goes to Disneyland, has fun at Aunt Rebecca's wedding, and checks out the birds in our yard. 5/28/06

Early 2006
It's been busy, but I've finally managed to get some photos online. 5/18/06.