Ozenne Photo Album Index



Christmas 2005

Emmett enjoys snow, Christmas, and a happy New Year. Posted 1/4/06.


It's a short gallery, but the Halloween pictures were so cute I wanted to get them up. Posted 11/12/05.

Go East, young man

We move to Utah. Last visits to favorite California locations and the big move. Posted 11/6/05.

More Summer Fun

Lots of firsts: first trip out of state, first pony ride, first tidepool visit, first time coloring with his toes... Posted 8/31/05.

The House

Pictures of our new house in Utah. Posted 8/12/05.


Lots of summer fun at the park, wading in a river, and sailing! Posted 6/17/05.

Disneyland 2005

Emmett enjoys his second trip to Disneyland. Posted 5/10/2005.

Egg Hunting

More two year old fun,and an Egg Hunt! Posted 3/27/05.


Emmett goes to Bamboola and plays in the yard. Posted 3/1/05.

Emmett Turns Two!

Emmett chases after birds, visits farm animals, and has his second birthday. Posted 2/5/05.